What is it?

SCP StructureThis business concept is a contemporary approach to quality assurance solutions, providing you professional support for acquiring boards (through well-established suppliers) as well as expert and independent testing and inspection for their quality assurance.

Gardien is committed to seeing everything through your eyes so we can provide you with consistent high quality, coupled with the highest value of quality assurance.

We are right beside you as your partners, acting on your behalf, through the whole journey from procurement right till the shipping of tested boards, skilfully avoiding all the associated hurdles. As your partner in quality assurance, the Gardien SCP+ team can follow the PCB orders through the whole quality testing process including shipping of tested boards.

How this Works for You

The illustration below shows how we are able to establish a professional PCB purchase-and-test control system that meets and even exceeds your needs in terms of quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and traceability. It further demonstrates how we can be your trustworthy quality guardians, offering a shortened and more energetic cycle between the purchasers and manufacturers.

This innovative supply chain lets you pay for only the boards that pass our stringent and unbiased quality as­surance and get Gardien’s seal of approval. Using this innovative SCP+  solution, you only pay for the PCBs that pass the agreed upon quality assurance and this is documented by Gardien’s seal of approval.

SCP Cyclus

The 2-way supply chain eliminates all non-value added activities and focuses on only what is crucial – the quality of the boards being shipped out and just-in-time delivery performance.

The Supply Chain PLUS+ Process:

  1. The PCB purchaser selects one or more supplier from our list of network partners. The purchase order is sent directly to the selected companies. The Gardien team provides full support to choose the most appropriate fabricator, keeping in view process capabilities, materials, manufacturing as well as infrastructure and potential delivery performance.
  2. Post-order, Gardien ensures specifications are implemented and inspections are carried out in accordance with the agreed upon preconditions. Conducting continuous on-site monitoring, testing and inspection, the SCP+ team acts as your trusted partner, ensuring that no out-of-agreed specification, quality variance or discrepancies occur.

With Gardien’s service centres spread strategically, quality controls are then carried out in local pre-existing facilities, optimizing on-time delivery without additional efforts. This tremendously reduces the auditing efforts on your end.

Gardien’s Integrate service solution has been supporting the PCB industry and PCB fabricators since 1981 . We have integrated with several of our network partners within their facility – being on-site and having an ‘insider’s view’ – while conducting our unbiased and reliable testing. This provides an ‘insider’s view’ of the manufacturing process and allows for detailed and reliable conformity testing.

Before shipping out the tested PCBs through a logistics partner, we provide the purchaser with all the necessary conformity certificates and documentation for easy traceability and quality purposes and also, the op­tion to respond to any non-conformity that may have arisen. In case of any problems, the buyer has the possibility to react early to possible deviations.

In-Process Tracking

A digital thread running through the supply chain not only helps improve performance and reduce costs, it is also fundamental in delivering a more flexible and responsive process. It further enables optimum efficiency and reduces the risk of human error.

OnTrack Digital Tracking, Gardien’s self-developed ERP tool, offers instant visibility into order progress - delivering constant real-time updates on order status, shipping dates, etc.
Recording each process and each step in production, digital tracking data is securely maintained in our databases thus ensuring traceability and transparency at all times.


Tracking Status

How You Benefit

Increased Profitability

Your success is always on the top of our minds. Increasing the overall profitability of your business by keeping non-value added activities out of the system is our primary objective. With this goal in mind, Gardien will be your growth and development partner, providing consistent quality assurance, always.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

You benefit from our full visibility and first hand data sharing about the manufacturer – whether they are ‘real’ or not - which gives you certainty about them.  Furthermore, throughout the whole quality assurance process, transparency is always maintained through OnTrack Digital Tracking– each step of the process is visible to you, and key business metrics can be accessed at your fingertips at any given point. This helps you further strengthen customer loyalty and retention.

Secure Digital Footprint

You get guaranteed digital traceability, with Gardien ensuring a secure and protected digital footprint, at every step of the process. The detailed overview not only includes the product status but also reaches as deep as data from individual results of the tested and inspected boards, historical information and even all the quality certificates provided by Gardien. While the process is constantly monitored, it is done so in a secure manner and is available only to you.

Traceability is a requirement by the high-reliability market segment because even slight deviations can be catastrophic and the supply chain manager must be in control of the entire supply chain. Even if high reliability is not the market you are in, you can benefit from the same security without additional costs with our OnTrack tracking, tracing and control system.



Proper Documentation

You are equipped by us with all quality assurance related documentation and certification as soon as all tests and inspections are completed and even before boards are shipped. A seamless supply chain and proactive management is a vital part of delivering a consistently superior customer experience which is a goal Gardien fully supports you in.

Knowing the Source

You can avoid fabless PCB suppliers (not having fabrication facilities of their own) with Gardien being your continuous auditing partner close by or even on-site of your chosen supplier. This way, the origin is always known, helping you building customer loyalty and retention. We are globally local in 6 countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada and Germany.

Unbiased Objectivity

You receive the benefits of our accountable testing and inspection services, undertaken without typical production pressures. Our independent and unbiased position ensures our experts are not influenced by external pressures and deliver honest results, which reduce risks and lower overall costs. Chances of the boards needing further re-testing at point-of-consumption are negligible.

Experts since 1981

You benefit from the expert testers at Gardien, which has been the largest independent quality assurance solutions provider across the world since 1981. During this time, only PCB fabricators had access to Gardien’s services. With the Supply Chain Plus+, Gardien Group is expanding its offering of a total supply chain to EMS, OEM and ODM companies. We have professional, skilled and committed teams led by forward-thinking leaders that set high performance standards. We are committed to delivering superior value to you.